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    Housing in Texas

    Are You Being Treated Fairly

    Some organizations and property owners in Texas who provide housing to families or individuals may use more than a credit report to decide who to rent their residences out to. When housing discrimination occurs, it is good to know that there are several federal laws in place to protect people.

Federal Housing Laws

There are federal housing laws in place such as the Fair Housing Act which forbids discrimination in the sale, financing, or rental of any type of housing unit. This protects people of every race, religion, sex, national origin, and several others groups who may face discriminatory practices.

The ADA Prohibits Discrimination

Although the Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act also protects those with disabilities from facing discrimination. The Act states that those with disabilities cannot be excluded from participation in any programs provided by a public entity.

Age Discrimination Act

Unfortunately, discrimination against those over a certain age does occur and it even happens with housing. In an attempt to combat this, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 was created and forbids discrimination based on age in programs that are federally funded.

If You Are Treated Unfairly

Seek Legal Relief For Discrimination

When it comes to housing, facing discrimination is an incredibly serious event. It is important to get assistance so that you fully understand your rights and are able to be properly represented in court. Those in Texas can contact an El Paso federal crimes attorney in order to get legal representation for cases involving housing discrimination in that state.